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Music with a Message is an empowering Social Emotional Learning (SEL) pop music assembly that teaches students to raise their self-confidence and prevent bullying. It builds self-esteem in students preK-12 using mental health tools, confidence-building music, and student participation. It has been designed with leading child-psychologists to provide students with tangible tools to build their self-esteem.

Using my “WOW” methods:

  1. Write your own story
  2. Celebrate the One and Only you
  3. Write down your wins

Students have tangible tools to learn resilience and won’t need to survive bullying alone.

With songs like “Stand Up,” “You’re One of the Brave Ones,” and more, the empowering music of the assemblies helps these important concepts last in students’ minds for a lifetime, as catchy music stays in our heads for decades.

Music with a Message was created because I was bullied in middle school, which led to self-confidence plummeting and led me down a dangerous path with damaged mental health. Not only do these issues matter to me because of my own experience, but also because of the current student statistics that thus affects personally or indirectly. Our thoughts are with us every moment of every day, so teaching students how to develop healthier mindsets is crucial in education. These are not matters that go away after graduation. I visit schools and share my story of mental health struggles due to bullying with students to show them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It helps them to meet a survivor of these issues who can guide them to a path through the tough times! Having the opportunity to meet children where they are and provide them with resources that can be utilized at every milestone brings me joy.