Vicky McLain


Chesterfield County, SC


  • Visual Art

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Artist Bio

Vicky has been an avid artist her entire life in both a full time and part time capacity. She studied design while earning a B.A. in Management at Virginia Wesleyan College. Her work reflects her love of the out-of-doors. She has found that a cotton field, and an abandoned car or barn has as much to say on canvas as a vase of flowers. She feels the need to be a caretaker of the past by immortalizing these subjects on canvas. She is that crazy lady you see parked on the side of the road high stepping though the weeds to get a photo of an old barn or forgotten landscape. These are the things that inspire her. She loves to share what inspires her by teaching others to paint in workshops and art classes.

Artist Statement

Find the rhythm of the brush strokes by listening to the music within.