James Mader



Palm Beach County, FL


  • Music

Geographical Availability

  • Upstate
  • Midlands
  • PeeDee
  • Low Country


Artist Bio

Music Educator, Clinician, Percussionist

James Mader holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree from Florida Atlantic University. James began his teaching career in 1990 at Conniston Middle School in Palm Beach County. Mr. Mader transferred to Stanahan High School in 1991-92 and band at Lauderdale Lakes Middle School in 1992-1998. James piloted the WORLD MUSIC DRUMMING CURRICULUM. James was recruited to Parkway Middle School of the Arts, where he taught for 24 years using the World Music Drumming Curriculum. He was then recruited to Boyd H. Anderson high school where he resides today. James has presented at NAfME, LMEA, WMEA, OKMEA, FMEA, SDMEA, TMEA, SCMEA, LIAOSA, AOSA National Conference, and many Orff chapters throughout the U.S.A. James has authored a book Pieces of Eight.

Artist Statement

Through the power of music and ensemble performance, the participants develop acceptance of others and accountability in a social setting. Participants develop life skills, and learning skills through the learning and performance of drum and xylophone ensembles. As we study the music of cultures the participants develop an appreciation for the contribution that cultures (many not of their own) have made to the music that we love today. Thereby develop a respect and acceptance of all peoples and cultures, acknowledging the differences and focusing on the similarities of cultures.