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Camela Guevara is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Charleston, SC. She creates handmade monuments to unsung labor. Her practice explores the intersection of art, craft, and fashion. Guevara’s work embodies a sense of pleasure and reverence for the labor of sewing. The artist offers a joyful alternative path of homemade fashion that honors the many skilled hands that clothe us.

Recent projects include designing fabric inspired by natural elements and experimentations in color and repetition, as well as rethinking workwear staples like the jumpsuit. Guevara’s work invites the audience to reconsider their relationship to cloth and sustainability while envisioning a new thread savvy and labor appreciative world.

Guevara was the North Charleston Artist-In-Residence 2017-2018 and taught students of all ages embroidery and fiber arts. She has been teaching embroidery for ten years at venues such as Redux Contemporary Art Center and the Gibbes Museum. She is currently working on creating online courses for embroidery and mending.

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