Deane Bowers


Charleston, SC


  • Visual Art

Geographical Availability

  • Low Country


Artist Bio

Inspiration is always found in the beauty and simplicity of the South Carolina Coast. I spend much time exploring the lush, green marshes and walking the pristine beaches of the Lowcountry. The spectacular natural beauty takes my breath away and fills me with immense pleasure, inspiration and gratitude. I love expressing my joy for this wonderful place through my colorful, fun and unique art.

As a self-taught artist, my creative process is guided by two principles. First, be a responsible Environmental Steward in every aspect of my life. as an artist, whenever possible, I use reclaimed, recycled, repurposed and ecofriendly materials. Second, create art that will be a tiny spark towards making the world a more loving, gentler, kinder place. It is an honor and a privilege to encourage and promote more positivity and joy through my artwork.

My hope is that I can inspire more people to connect with one another. By creatively celebrating kindness, love and fun in my art, I enjoy focusing on happy, inspiring and uplifting themes. If my art can touch just one person and make a difference in their life, as well as encourage them to flourish and shine, my mission will be accomplished.

Artist Statement

Creating art that brings people together in Hope and Love is my mission. I follow my imagination and make art that is original, fun and festive. Using this gift to uplift and inspire others is an honor that I take very seriously. I offer the most beautiful outpourings created from reclaimed, recycled, repurposed and ecofriendly materials. My role as an artist is to be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem. This means caring for the earth, caring for others and encouraging compassion, understanding and community through my art. When people view my artwork, I hope they will see that I have said yes to my creative visions, dreams and aspirations. I want to be an example and encourage others to run with their own ideas, no matter how insignificant they may seem. No one else can give us the permission to create. Each of us has to listen to what is in our own hearts and figure out what truly lights us up. Trusting in one’s own ideas is challenging, but that is what makes artwork authentic and unique.