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Jeffery Callaham



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Jeffery Callaham is not only an artist, but a storyteller. Inspired by memories of his childhood and the working life in McCormick County, South Carolina, he creates paintings that portray the stories of Southern culture. “I tell stories with my paintings, so everything usually begins with a story that I remember from my early years, growing up in rural South Carolina,” Callaham has said. Through his use of strong colors and his ability to make his characters come to life on canvas, he paints vivid images of life in the South. Callaham was the first person from McCormick County to be accepted to the Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. Following high school, Callaham traveled to Atlanta to attend the Bauder College of Fashion Design and to New York to intern with fashion designer Mary McFadden. Callaham has also received a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Lander University, a Masters in Education from Lesley University and is currently completing a doctorate in organizational leadership from Nova Southeastern University. He has also been named in Who’s Who in American Art.