Bradd Parton




  • Media Arts
  • Visual Art
  • Literature

Geographical Availability

  • Upstate
  • Midlands
  • PeeDee
  • Low Country


Bradd Parton is an author/illustrator with many picture, activity, and comic books to his credit. He is best known for creating the Alpha-Sketch art style where he draws with just the letters of the alphabet. Every line in an Alpha-Sketch is a letter, and all 26 letters appear once in each illustration. Some of his recent Alpha-Sketch books include I AM NOT A CAT PERSON!, NEEDLES, L, M, N…OH!, O, SAY CAN U C?, and THE LETTERS LOVE THE SEASONS. In 2018 he released THE ALPHA-SKETCH CLASSROOM, a teacher’s manual that allows for easy and effective integration by instructors at all levels. While his work centers on the alphabet, Alpha-Sketch is not about learning the letters but more about perception and point-of-view. His presentations are geared toward the elementary and middle school levels and include animation, live drawing, readings, and a game where participants guess what the artist is drawing one letter at a time. Bradd is a nationally certified teacher and has been successfully working with students of all ages since 1999. In addition to his self-published books, Bradd’s work has been published by Dark Horse Comics and Mad Monster Magazine among others.