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Angelika Selman -Bondar was born in Hof Germany and came to America as a child. She received her BFA from Augusta University in1982, has continued art studies at the Atlanta College of Art, Savannah College of Art, the High Museum and the Morris Museum. Angelika has been an art teacher for over thirty years in the CSRA and also creates artworks that have been exhibited in the southeast with many pieces in private collections across the USA and in Europe. She has received many awards for her teaching as well as the art she creates. Recently she retired from teaching in the public school systems and now teaches workshops and private lessons. Her artwork consists of a variety of mediums. She is always seeking new ways to create art so does not limit herself to only one medium. The mediums she is most noted for are ceramic sculptures, assemblage sculpture, mixed media creations, watercolors, printmaking, photography and Prisma color paintings. Her ceramic sculptures are usually figurative that incorporate many techniques, textures and often added materials. The 2-D works are mostly realism of objects from nature and scenes from the environment. Assemblages and mixed media pieces tend to be abstract.