South Carolina Arts Commission

South Carolina Artists in Action

SCAiA is a new program serving Black #SCartists.

It will work to provide the tools necessary to create long-term, sustainable careers.

We envision a South Carolina where Black artists have essential support for sustainable careers.


The mission of SCAiA is to identify and implement best practices enabling Black artist and Black artist institutions to advance, support, and sustain equitable, inclusive working relationships.


We seek transparency from institutions for the improvement of artistic partnerships.

We value boldness in action and solutions.

We are committed to an open exchange of ideas.

We support kindness and grace in our professional working relationships.

We celebrate talent, vision, and artistic quality.

We believe in the humanity and dignity of artists.

Meet the Committee
  • Ce Scott-Fitts, Chair
  • Triza Cox
  • Michael Murray
  • Kathryn Van Aernum

In the news

Fight the Power: Black Columbia artists share experiences on working in the South, Columbia (Post & Courier Columbia, subscription might be required)

Community Survey (2021)

The leadership team, led by SCAC Artist Development Director Ce Scott-Fitts, is working to create programs and resources that support Black artists throughout the state.

To best serve Black artists in this state, we completed an anonymous survey of Black artists’ experiences in late 2021. This survey will help the SCAiA leadership team best serve and support the Black artist community.

Click here to review the results (PDF).

I’m here to help!

For more information, please contact Deputy Director Ce Scott-Fitts (803.734.8203 |