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Visual Arts Exhibitions


The SC Arts Commission mounts significant exhibitions of works by contemporary South Carolina artists as a means of promoting South Carolina artists both in-state and out-of-state. The Commission recognizes the benefit of working with other states in collaborative projects to promote South Carolina artists in other markets and to provide reciprocal opportunities for other artists in partner states.


Exhibitions focus on specific issues, themes, and trends currently facing the art world and are curated by guest curators or by curators of the host exhibition site. Living artists who are native or resident South Carolinians or who have done significant work while residing in the state are eligible for SC Arts Commission exhibitions. Calls for submissions and/or nominations for consideration of artists to be included in SC Arts Commission exhibitions are publicized through press releases, print media and a call for submissions through the agency's publications and through special mailings.


The State Art Collection

Art in Sight: The State Art Collection

Exhibitions featuring work from the State Art Collection have included:


For more information, please contact Harriett Green (803-734-8762).


Other recent exhibitions:


  • TRIENNIAL Revisited
    The S.C. State Museum and the S.C. Arts Commission organized five TRIENNIAL exhibitions between 1992 and 2004, to showcase recent work reflecting local, regional and national trends and issues influencing contemporary artists living and working in S.C., and to increase awareness and appreciation of the artistic contributions and accomplishments of the state’s visual artists. TRIENNIAL Revisited at 701 Center for Contemporary Art presents a selection of works from these exhibitions.
  • Thresholds: Expressions of Art & Spiritual Life
    Works by artists from five Southeastern states explore the many borders inherent in religious belief and practice, among them the borders between life and death, body and soul, matter and spirit, past and present, public and private.



Visual Arts


For more information, contact Harriett Green (803-734-8762), Program Director for Visual Arts.