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The Elizabeth O'Neill Verner Awards

Beaufort County School District

2014 Arts in Education Award

Beaufort County School DistrictThe Beaufort County School District has worked tirelessly to advance the arts within its Lowcountry community.


The district leadership, fine arts coordinator, and many talented and committed arts teachers value unifying arts in education experiences that support instruction across all academic areas. Student performances, exhibitions and artist residencies are regular features at all schools and community performances are frequent field trips for school groups. High quality, ongoing professional development is a priority for all teachers involved in the arts – not just those at schools with an arts focus. 


Three schools in the district are designated Arts in Basic Curriculum (ABC) sites, with another finalizing its strategic plan. Beaufort County stretches over 500 square miles, yet everywhere you look the fingerprint of Beaufort County student artists is evident. Beaufort County is an arts-rich community eager to foster strong collaborations and support arts education in any way possible. Over the years hundreds of students have been honored for their accomplishments in the arts including the United States Congressional Art Award, the National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts Young Fellows awards, Advanced Placement Art selections and Emerging Artist Awards.