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The Elizabeth O'Neill Verner Awards

Linda C. Stern
2011 Leadership in the Arts Award

 For nearly two decades, Linda Stern has devoted her time, talents and resources to advancing the statewide cause of public access and public participation in the arts. Her extraordinary record of active service to the arts in South Carolina spans a bipartisan bridge of four consecutive governors. In her most recent capacity, she served ten years on the board of commissioners of the S.C. Arts Commission, serving as board chair from 2003-2009. Her service and leadership reach beyond her role with the Commission, to include contributions as a patron, fundraiser, donor, organizer and tireless advocate, encompassing her time as president of the S.C. Arts Foundation, chair of the Governorís Mansion Commission, and service on boards ranging from the Columbia City Ballet to McKissick Museum and the Ed Venture Childrenís Museum.