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The Elizabeth O'Neill Verner Awards

Heidi Darr-Hope

2011 Artist Award

 A professional artist for nearly 30 years, Heidi Darr-Hope was an early entrepreneur in the area of arts marketing. As a founding member of Cats on a Leash, Darr-Hope promoted the idea that this diverse group of artists should not simply sell their art, but educate S.C. businesses and collectors about new and exciting work being produced by South Carolina artists. In 1990, she was one of 14 original artist-pioneers who moved into Vista Studios as part of the redevelopment of an old warehouse zone into an arts district. She piloted and continues to provide the Healing Icons program to help cancer patients use art to confront the emotions faced as they battle their disease. Darr-Hope, who lives and works in Columbia, has received numerous state and national grants and fellowships. ZSK, a manufacturer of industrial embroidery machines, selected her as one of two artists from a juried international competition to travel to West Germany to help expose the creative potential of computer-generated industrial embroidery machines and unite art and industry. Her work is featured in numerous corporate and private collections in the United States and abroad.