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The Elizabeth O'Neill Verner Awards

Dr. Roy S. Fluhrer

2008 Recipient for Arts in Education

Dr. Roy S. FluhrerDr. Roy S. Fluhrer has dedicated his career to positioning the arts and artists as a central and essential part of both education and the community. As the director of the Greenville Fine Arts Center, he seeks to motivate and inspire others. From the disadvantaged voice student who eventually graduated from Juilliard, to the South Carolina native who spent his summer as an artist in residence in Italy, Fluhrer has shared his ability to make his visions a reality with his students and colleagues.


A frequent visitor to the Center's studios, Fluhrer not only knows students names, but also which piece of music or painting they are creating. He is also known for his willingness to contribute to the world around him. Whether it is helping someone write an education grant, exploring the impact of the arts in public schools, or organizing a local arts festival, Fluhrer is committed to the advancement of the arts.


His leadership positions and numerous honors and awards illustrate his commitment to arts education. Fluhrer is the president of the Board of the International Network of Schools for the Advancement of Arts Education and has served on several boards, such as the Board of Advisors in the College of Fine Arts at Winthrop University. Fluhrer developed the Arts Education Plan for Greenville County Schools and won a $2,000,000 grant for arts integration—two of many achievements that have not gone unnoticed. Winthrop University awarded Fluhrer the Medal of Honor in 2006 and the Metropolitan Arts Council honored him with the Visionary Award in 2004.