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Cultural Tourism

Marketing Collaborative - Frequently Asked Questions


The S.C. Arts Commission's Cultural Tourism program provides two online marketing resources that package the state's valuable arts products specifically for tourists and visitors to encourage their exploration of South Carolina's arts and culture.


What is the difference between Vacationers and Visitors and eArts?

The Arts Commission's Vacationers and Visitors web page provides tourists and visitors with a taste of our state's rich arts and cultural landscape. The web page also provides a marketing platform for the arts and arts organizations statewide.


eArts is an online newsletter and resource of arts and cultural attractions in South Carolina. eArts includes brief feature articles, perspectives from a "roving reporter," links to hotel accommodations and other deals, and an entry point to S.C. Arts Commission activities through the Vacationers and Visitors web page. eArts is distributed monthly to more than 10,000 consumers who have requested information about the arts in S.C.


Can for-profit organizations be included in Vacationers and Visitors or eArts?


Yes! The marketing collaborative is intended to promote ALL arts, nonprofit and for-profit.  Just complete the online application to be considered for inclusion.


Is there a cost to be included in eArts?


No, eArts is a FREE resource currently made possible through a partnership between S.C. Parks Recreation and Tourism and the S.C. Arts Commission. There is no charge to participate in eArts.


Why do you ask for information about marketing or advertising partners?  


Although eArts is a FREE resource that supports the arts, there is a cost in the monthly development and promotion of eArts. So instead of asking you to pay directly, we ask that you help identify potential advertisers to offset the cost of eArts.


What is the value to me or my marketing partners of being included in eArts?


It’s possible to reach more than 10,000 opt-in consumers who have specifically requested information about the arts in South Carolina. Appearing in eArts opens the door to a new audience interested in what you offer.


What is the cost to purchase advertising in eArts?


Advertising in eArts is an incredible value! You can reach more than 10,000 opt-in consumers per monthly issue.


  • one month - $300
  • four months - $1,000
  • eight months - $1,500
  • 12 months - $2,000


Take advantage of discounts by purchasing four or more months, or package your offer with a local business partner's advertisement.


eArts is limited to five advertising spaces per month, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity!


Whom do I contact if I have a marketing partner interested in eArts advertising?


Contact Jason Manges at the bounce agency, 864.271.8340.


I want to be considered for the editorial portion of eArts and Vacationers and Visitors.


Visit our Marketing Collaborative Guidelines page, where you'll find eligibility requirements and the application link.



For more information about this Cultural Tourism Marketing Collaborative, e-mail tourism@arts.sc.gov. Contact Joy Young for information about Cultural Tourism.



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Advertising in eArts

With a high open rate (37 percent), and 10,000-plus consumers who expressed interest in S.C. arts, the eArts newsletter is an affordable way to reach tourists. Contact Jason Manges for advertising rates and more information.



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