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Work by South Carolina Artists

Thresholds: Expressions of Art & Spiritual Life


The Magazine

A full-color 128-page magazine is the literary centerpiece for the Thresholds exhibition. The publication fuses elements of a traditional exhibition catalogue with those of a magazine. A major essay by Eleanor Heartney, curator, provides commentary on the artists and works included in the exhibition. In her essay "Art and the Spiritual," Heartney examines the many manifestations of spiritual notions. From culturally-based religious traditions to a more personal spirituality, she guides us through the spectrum of belief systems and establishes a new set of talking points for religious diversity.

The confluence of the artists’ work, religion and spirituality is articulated by the artists, themselves, in statements appearing in the catalogue section of the magazine. A number of unrelated but connected articles by David J. Brown, Lori Kornegay, Nina Bozicnik, Frank Martin, Kristin Congdon, Loyal Jones and Tina Bucuvalas are included to illustrate the interest in the relationship between art and religion.


To receive a free copy of the magazine, please send a check or money order in the amount of $3.75 for shipping and handling to: Attention: Thresholds Magazine Order, South Carolina Arts Commission, 1026 Sumter Street, Suite 200, Columbia, SC, 29201, Cost includes postage and handling. Magazine will be sent via US Mail, third class, upon receipt of the check or money order.

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