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Work by South Carolina Artists

Thresholds: Expressions of Art & Spiritual Life

detail of Peace in the Temple, <br /> artwork by Christine Clark (Chiwa)Works by 53 artists from Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee explore the many borders inherent in religious belief and practice, among them the borders between life and death, body and soul, matter and spirit, past and present, public and private. The exhibition provides a mirror of the multiplicity of spiritual and religious experiences. It also offers a forum for discussing the larger social, political and personal issues raised by religion in contemporary culture.

Artists included in the exhibition were identified through a nomination process facilitated by each participating state arts agency. The curator made selections from the pool of artists who submitted materials for review.

Traveling Exhibition
Inaugural Exhibition
Selection Process

For additional information, please contact Harriett Green (803-734-8762), Director of Visual Arts