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Roster of Approved Artists

OSCAR for the Roster - For Current Roster Artists

Artists currently on the Approved Artist Roster use the OSCAR (Online South Carolina Arts Resources) for the Roster system to maintain their Roster profiles and information.


Note: There are two active OSCAR systems. OSCAR for the Roster is located at culturegrants-sc.org. If you have reached "scac.culturegrants.org" you are in the discontinued granting system and will not be able to access Roster content.


For currently-Approved Roster Artists, OSCAR for the Roster has three main components:

  • Profile: Includes name, address, contact information, password
  • Artist Studio: Includes Contact Info, Biography, Performance/Residency, Work Samples' management, Submission, Preview of what your information will look like on the Directory
  • Manage Work Samples: Upload work samples here. Only images and documents are accepted now (see formats specified below), but you can include up to a combined total of 20 samples. There are plans to permit audio and video samples in the future.


Your Profile is what you created when you first registered with OSCAR for the Roster. Read more about how to register and log in >>


After your registration is complete, be sure to keep the information in this section updated.


After your registration and Profile are complete, you can start creating your Artist Studio. You move through the Studio using the discipline-specific “Studio Navigation” bar near the top of the page. NOTE: You must click the Update Studio Profile Information bar at the end of each section to save your work. Do this often!

  • Biography
    • Artist/Group Information: describe yourself and your work as an artist - REQUIRED
    • Number of (group) Members
    • Travel Group Size
    • Short Description of Work: this will appear with Search results for Directory users - REQUIRED
    • Education/Training: describe how you learned your art form. - REQUIRED
    • References
  • Performance/Residency
    • Ethnic Content of your work - REQUIRED for inclusion in search results
    • Residency/Performance Format
    • Technical Requirements for Residencies/ Performances
    • Materials Needed
    • Expected Educational Outcomes
    • Grades Preferences - REQUIRED for inclusion in search results
    • Type of Service for which the Artist/Group is available - REQUIRED for inclusion in search results
    • Date and Location Availability - REQUIRED
  • Samples
    • Here you MUST select the work samples you wish to appear with your Directory entry; you can “Select for Studio” up to 6 samples.
    • You can also specify the Display Order of your samples here, and/or select one “promo” image that will display with the Short Description of Work in the search results for Directory users.
    • To upload samples, Follow the Manage Work Samples link.


The artist/artist group uploads, describes and manages their own work samples here. Each studio can hold a bank of 20 samples. The artist can choose up to six of these in any combination of formats, plus one promo image, that will appear online. The promotional image you select will appear on the search results page and in your Studio.

  • Images
    • Digital images must be exactly 1920 X 1920 pixels in size; otherwise, you will not be able to upload an image into your studio. This is a requirement, not a guideline. With some digital editing programs, such as Microsoft Photo Editor, you can make your image square by adding a background or a mat to your image.
    • Remember: Jpegs are the only accepted image format.
    • If you need further assistance with your images please contact the SC Arts Commission.
    • Please note that it is the responsibility of artists uploading images that include recognizable subjects, such as students participating in a residency, to obtain the appropriate permission before “publishing” the image in the Roster.
  • Documents
    • Acceptable document formats are Word and PDF.
    • Resumes, promotional flyers, and lesson plans are some examples that could be included here.
  • Audio and Video formats are not accepted yet.


Once you have completed updating your Studio, you can Preview your Directory entry as it will appear to the presenter. You will need to use the Submission option, and then check the box at the bottom to submit your studio. Your information is not instantly populated in the Directory until the Arts Commission reviews and approves it. Once approved, your studio will populate your Directory entry within the Online Approved Artist Roster.

  • When you submit your studio for review, you may not make changes to the information.
  • Your Artist Studio will be locked from editing until your entry has been approved by the Arts Commission.
  • Once approved, an email will be sent to you.


If you are an artist group, you will register in OSCAR as an organization. As an organization, you will need to select one of the following options that will appear for organizations:

  • Has an FEIN. This organization will be its own Fiscal Receiver.
  • Has an FEIN. This organization will act as a Fiscal Receiver for other organizations.
  • Does NOT have an FEIN and will be providing our Fiscal Receiver's FEIN.
  • Does NOT have an FEIN; will enter a SSN for identification purposes.

About the Roster

For more information, please contact Victoria McCurry (803-734-8315).