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Roster of Approved Artists

OSCAR for the Roster

Who uses OSCAR for the Roster?

The OSCAR (Online South Carolina Arts Resources) system for the Roster is used by:


  1. artists currently on the Approved Artist Roster, to maintain their Roster profiles and information,

  2. artists applying for inclusion to the Roster, and

  3. presenters and schools looking for performers and residency artists. The Roster Directory allows searches of the Approved Artists by name, discipline, grade level, geographic availability, ethnic content of artist's work or residency, and type of service the artist will provide such as a residency or performance.
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Note: There are two active OSCAR systems. OSCAR for the Roster is located at culturegrants-sc.org. If you have reached "scac.culturegrants.org" you are in the discontinued granting system and will not be able to access Roster content.


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About the Roster

For more information, please contact Victoria McCurry (803-734-8315).