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Roster of Approved Artists

How to Apply for the Roster of Approved Artists: LITERARY ARTS

Note for storytelling artists:

Storytellers using original material may have stories (typed) reviewed by the literary panel. The theatre panel must review stories that are not original. All storytellers must submit a performance video clip, cued, with their application. Applicants considering this option should discuss procedure with Victoria McCurry (803-734-8315).


These are the required segments of your application:

  1. OSCAR online application
  2. Printed copy of confirmation page, and work samples, to be mailed to the SCAC
  3. Letter of sponsorship from a school or organization receiving funds from either an Arts Commission AIE program or the S.C. Department of Education
  4. If you are applying for Traditional Arts designation, you must also submit a required supplemental form (Microsoft Word document).


Your OSCAR Application

  1. Using the internet, go to culturegrants-sc.org
  2. Choose "Begin Here" to create an OSCAR account
  3. Fill out your basic information, after which you will be assigned a username and password
  4. Proceed to the Profile section
    • In the section for "stage name," please enter your actual name
    • When complete, click "save profile information"
  5. Go to "Applications", and fill in mandatory fields
    • You may submit your resume on this page by uploading it from your hard drive, or you may send a hard copy of your resume to the SCAC along with your support materials.
    • When you have completed the page, save your work using the button at the bottom of the page, and then click to go to the next section
  6. The next page concerns work samples. This is where you will add the letter from the school or district that is sponsoring your application.
    • The letter of recommendation and support must be printed on school letterhead and must have original signatures from the sponsoring teacher and the principal of the school. You may convert the letter to a PDF file and upload and attach it to your online application, or mail the original with your hard copy application materials. If you choose to mail the original, you must still complete a document submission page for the letter. Be sure to keep a photocopy for your records.
    Choose "Manage Work Samples," and then review the directions for submitting document samples. After reviewing the directions, choose the button labeled "Documents." Complete a document submission page for your sponsor’s letter.
  7. Then complete a document submission page for each of 2 mandatory work samples. When your 2 work samples and your sponsor's letter have all been uploaded, choose "Applications" from the left hand column.
  8. Choose your roster application from the list of choices. When it opens, click "Work Samples" in the left hand column.
  9. In "Work Samples," be sure to select your documents (including your sponsor letter) by clicking the box in each sample’s information section.
  10. Move forward to the certification page. Review the certification and mark the check box.
  11. Move forward to the "Submit" page. Carefully review this page and complete its instructions (when reviewing your application, do not be concerned with the "sales price" information.) When complete, check the box to submit the online portion of your roster application.
  12. After submitting, you will receive confirmation, both onscreen and via email, acknowledging that your application is submitted. The final step in the application process is printing this confirmation page and mailing it, with your support materials, to the SCAC.


Your Work Samples and Supporting Materials

  • Printed copy of the confirmation page
  • Resume, if you did not upload it in your online application
  • Letter from sponsor school.
  • Two sets of writing samples (total of 10 pages per set). Work should be current (less than five years old). Sets must be typed, double-spaced, and collated. No chapbooks will be accepted, and no sets will be returned.