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Roster of Approved Artists

How to Apply for the Roster of Approved Artists


The South Carolina Arts Commission’s Roster of Approved Artists is an extensive list of artists in many disciplines who are available to sponsors. Those who apply for inclusion on the Roster must pass a panel review or meet alternative criteria. Artists who pass the review must be available to serve in arts education programs in South Carolina.



Applications for the Approved Artist Roster are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. In order to qualify, the applying artist must be sponsored by a school or organization receiving funds from either an Arts Commission AIE program or the S.C. Department of Education. A letter of recommendation and support from the school or organization must be included with the supporting documents: if the letter is from a school, it must be printed on school letterhead and have original signatures from the sponsoring teacher and the principal of the school; if the letter is from an organization, it must be printed on the organization's letterhead and have original signatures of the sponsoring staff person and the executive director/CEO of the organization.


The letter should contain the following:
  • A pledge of intent to work with the artist;
  • The estimated dates of the work;
  • What type of funding is being used to pay the artist.


The application process will require both a resume and work samples and the online portion must be completed through the OSCAR system. Application guidelines for each discipline can be accessed through the links below.


There is no deadline to apply. The SC Arts Commission will send notification that an application has been received. Please allow at least six weeks for us to process the application and make a final decision.



Quality of work is the sole criterion considered by the panel. It is critical that the work itself or evidence of the work be of high quality. Dim/hazy slides, poor recordings, and messy manuscripts inhibit the judges’ ability to accurately assess abilities, and presentation affects outcome. Applicants may contact the Arts Commission for assistance and additional information regarding the process.


About PDFs: Using the application form requires the Adobe Acrobat reader (5 or higher). If you don't have a copy of Acrobat reader, go to Adobe's web site and download the latest version. It's free, and installation is simple.



Instructions for each discipline are found through the links below. If applying in more than one discipline, submit a separate application for each.


Follow these links to the application guidelines for artists working in:


Interested in applying as a traditional artist?

  • Be sure to read about how the Arts Commission defines traditional arts/artists when determining if you would like to apply as a traditional artist.
  • If you decide to apply, choose your discipline from the list of disciplines (above) and follow the link to the guidelines and application. Please note that traditional arts roster applicants are required to submit a separate supplemental form, in addition to the other discipline-specific application materials; a link to this form is provided in the application guidelines for each discipline.



The core members of a group may receive individual approval. For example, if a quintet receives approval, each of the performers may be approved individually. This allows individuals AIE program opportunities not requiring the entire group. It is the responsibility of the applicant, agent, or group contact to request separate approval for each member and to provide resumes. The SC Arts Commission does not automatically include individual group members on the Roster. If you wish to undertake the process of review for individual group members, contact the Arts Commission.



Upon Approval to the South Carolina Roster of Approved Artists, a letter regarding your approval will be sent to your primary address. At that time, artists will receive instruction regarding the establishment of their online, searchable listing on the SC Arts Commission website.


The SC Arts Commission communicates with artists on the Roster primarily through electronic communication (email). Therefore, it is important that you check email regularly and take measures to ensure that your messages from the SC Arts Commission are not captured by your system's spam protector. If you do not use electronic mail, please contact the Arts Commission to make alternate arrangements.


The current fee structure and residency details can be found in the AIE Program Guidelines. Adjustments to the standard residency week may be made ONLY if agreeable to both artist and the contracting agency and must be made in advance in writing. Approved artists are considered self-employed contractors and are responsible for room, board, and transportation, etc. Approved artists are responsible for payment of applicable income taxes. Most sponsors do not withhold taxes. IRS "1099" statements are sent by sponsors, not by the SC Arts Commission.


The South Carolina Arts Commission is firmly committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons, regardless of race, sex, age, religion, creed, disability, veteran status, national origin, ancestry, or political affiliation.


Note to OSCAR Users: If you were routed to this page from the OSCAR system and are already a member of the Roster of Approved Artists, you do not need to reapply. For information on creating and submitting your Artist Roster Studio, please see Instructions for Current Roster Artists.