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Emergency Preparedness

Readiness, Response, & Recovery For Arts Professionals


Preparation Resources

Arts Ready

If you have an ArtsReady/ readiness plan, we hope that triggering it into action provides you with the ability to prepare for the storm. If not, we encourage you to take a few basic steps to prepare your office, venue, or studio for the potential impact before departing for your personal preparation (unless you are under an evacuation order, in which case you should follow the instructions of local/state officials immediately). If you aren’t in the hurricane’s path, please use this time to take a look at your own readiness planning in the event of a future emergency. Guidance and links are available through ArtsReady.

Learn more about Arts Ready >>


Preparation and Recovery

Being prepared for any type of emergency, whether it's a hurricane, an epidemic, or a manmade disaster, means having a plan BEFORE a crisis strikes. Use these preparedness and recovery tools to create a disaster plan that will help you or your organization function during an emergency and recover afterwards.




 ArtsReady is South Arts' online subscription- based tool, designed to help arts and cultural organizations develop readiness and response plans and position themselves to get back to business as quickly as possible in the event of natural or man-made emergencies.


The S.C. Arts Commission has partnered with South Arts to offer arts groups in S.C. subsidized access to ArtsReady. We are looking for arts groups who are ready to do this planning to be our partners in the project.

To participate, you must

  • be a current General Operating Support grantee,
  • commit to completing the planning process in the first year of the subscription, and
  • provide feedback on the ArtsReady tool to be used in making future improvements or enhancements.


For more information, call 803-734-8696.


Flu Planning and Prevention

  • South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control's Flu Information
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Flu Information
  • U.S. Department of Health & Human Services's Flu.gov


Additional Preparation Resources