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SC Arts Commission Grant Programs

S.C. Arts Commission Final Report:
Arts in Basic Curriculum (ABC) Advancement Grants

Budget Issue for Online Grantees

Note: This information applies only to FY17 ABC Advancement grantees in Groups A and B, who are filing their Final Report online through the OSCAR system.


We have become aware of a calculation error in the FY17 ABC Advancement Final Report in OSCAR. In the budget table, the Earned income Sub-total line is not totaling correctly.


If you find this is the case with your final report, we suggest the following:


  • For each of the four lines in the Earned Income section (“Admissions, subscriptions, membership dues, and assessments,” “Fees for contracted services,” “Applicant cash,” and “Other”), take the amount you would have listed there, and instead list it on any available line in the “Un-Earned/Donated Income” section.
  • Please use the middle column to indicate where the information SHOULD have gone; for example, if you move your “Fees for contracted services” amount to the “Other Un-Earned/Donated” line, enter “Fees for contracted services” in the middle column of that line, along with any other details you would have listed to explain that budget item.


A “before and after” graphic is provided here, to give you an example. (Click the image to enlarge it.)


Please be assured that reporting nothing in the Earned Income section will NOT be negatively evaluated as long as we can see those items reflected elsewhere in your Income budget. We will make a note in your record that the calculation was not working properly and you had to reflect your Earned Income in the Un-Earned/Donated Income section.


We apologize for this inconvenience. Please contact your county coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.



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