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The South Carolina Arts Foundation

The Arts Growth Fund


There's No Time Like the Present ...


... to support the arts in South Carolina

After 50 years of public support for the arts, the South Carolina Arts Commission is taking stock of the past and present and making plans for the future. We invite you to be a part of the future of the arts in South Carolina by making a contribution to the South Carolina Arts Foundation, which will help sustain the Arts Commission's statewide efforts. 


There's no time like the present ...


... to join the South Carolina Arts Commission in ensuring that all students have access to a comprehensive education.



Governor McNair

What SCAC does:

Awards ABC (Arts in Basic Curriculum) Project, Arts Education Project and Teacher Standards Implementation grants to schools throughout the state.


What you can do:

Make a donation to help guarantee that access to quality arts education is available to all K-12 students.





There's no time like the present ...


... to support artists. It all begins with the creative impluse, and artists are the purveyors of creativity.



Governor McNairWhat SCAC does:

Supports career development by offering grants and business training through Artists Ventures Initiative and recognizes artistic excellence through the State Art Collection, SC Novel Prize and Artist Fellowships.


What you can do:

Make a donation to recognize the role of SC's artists in the creative economy.




There's no time like the present ...


... to envision a future where all communities in South Carolina can boast of a vibrant arts scene and where cultural diversity is recognized and celebrated.


Governor McNairWhat SCAC does:

Provides grants to organizations and assists communities to promote cultural assets through programs such as Cultural Districts, Art of Community:Rural SC and Cultural Tourism.


What you can do:

Make a donation to help ensure that the arts reflect the diverse cultures of SC and are accessible to all.




The Time is Now

We hope you will consider supporting the South Carolina Arts Commission as an investment in the future of statewide arts development.


Thank you for your support!


Online: use this button to make a secure credit card donation:




By mail: Complete this form and mail with your payment information.


Thank you!



For more information:


S.C. Arts Foundation
1026 Sumter Street, Suite 200
Columbia, SC 29201


Call: 803.734.8696


Email: Harriett Green