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The South Carolina Arts Foundation

The Arts Growth Fund


The Arts Count


The Arts Count in South Carolina!


The Arts Growth Fund is about growing the arts in South Carolina so that our state benefits from more of the good things the arts bring -- more educational opportunities for our children, more economic growth and development, and more personal creativity and satisfaction.


For almost 50 years, the South Carolina Arts Commission has helped create the thriving arts environment we enjoy today in the Palmetto State. With your support, the S.C. Arts Foundation helps the S.C. Arts Commission reach farther and achieve more results than state and federal funds alone can provide. Working together, the Foundation and the Commission focus on using the arts to advance three key priorities that count:

Children Count


  • The arts improve and create exciting educational opportunities for children.
  • Children benefit from arts education with higher achievement, better attendance, higher graduation rates and parental involvement.
  • Last year, the S.C. Arts Foundation helped the SCAC support more than 880,700 opportunities for K-12 youth to explore, learn and grow through the arts.


Artists Count


  • Artists shape our perceptions, challenge us to explore and motivate us to find meaning in the worlds around us.
  • Artists are small business people, contributing to the economy and vibrancy that make South Carolina attractive to visitors and those looking to relocate.
  • Last year, the S.C. Arts Foundation helped the SCAC support more than 71,100 opportunities for artists to create, perform, study, demonstrate or build careers.


Communities Count


  • The arts give character, create local identity and promote pride and unity within a community.
  • The arts are a magnet for tourism and economic development.
  • Last year, the S.C. Arts Foundation helped the SCAC support more than 6.1 million opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy South Carolina through the arts.


The arts count for our state. Please join the cause and help ensure that the arts continue to thrive in South Carolina. Make your tax-deductible gift to the Arts Growth Fund today!


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