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The South Carolina Arts Foundation

The Arts Growth Fund


The South Carolina Arts Commission is turning 50!



The year was 1967...


  • The first bank ATM made its debut at Barclays in London.
  • The musical "Hair" premiered off-Broadway.
  • The cost of a new car was $2,750.
  • The very first issue of Rolling Stone magazine was published.
  • Congress created PBS.
  • Governor Robert McNair signed legislation that established the South Carolina Arts Commission.


What were you doing in 1967?


Almost 50 years ago, then-Governor Robert E. McNair was making a plan for a new state agency. He would give that agency the responsibility of making the arts a tool for building a modern, competitive South Carolina. He envisioned a state with amenities and cultural resources that would attract industry, tourism and a higher quality of life for its citizens. 


On June 7, 1967, Governor McNair signed the law that created the South Carolina Arts Commission. 



Governor McNair

"It is policy of the state to join with private patrons and with institutions and professional organizations... to ensure that the arts... will continue to grow and play an ever more significant part in the welfare and educational experiences of our citizens."


In 2017, South Carolina will celebrate 50 years of supporting the arts for all people in the state. As an arts patron and supporter, you are invited to join us as we kick off this golden anniversary. 




Will you help mark the occasion with an anniversary gift of $50 or more?


We've seen a lot of progress in the arts in 50 years:


  • world-class arts festivals and attractions drawing millions of visitors
  • a network of local arts councils and organizations that bring the arts to every corner of the state
  • national and international recognition of South Carolina's unique artists, art forms and cultures
  • model arts education programs that have been replicated nationwide
  • an annual $9.2 billion contribution to the state's economy


Your contribution will support more of the kinds of programs that have helped build our state's successful arts community:


  • grant support for local arts organizations and artist projects
  • arts curriculum planning, programs and funding for K-12 schools and districts
  • professional staff support for local communities and arts projects
  • innovative statewide partnerships


The South Carolina Arts Foundation is a funding partner of the S.C. Arts Commission, and we're planning an amazing 15-month celebration to mark this golden occasion. As a contributor, you'll be invited to join the 50th anniversary celebration at special events and happenings around the state, including special art exhibitions and performances. Best of all, you'll know that you are contributing to the success of the next 50 years of the arts in South Carolina. You'll be among the first to wish the South Carolina Arts Commission a very happy 50th anniversary!


Thank you for your support of the arts in South Carolina!


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Thank you!



For more information:


S.C. Arts Foundation
1026 Sumter Street, Suite 200
Columbia, SC 29201


Call: 803.734.8696


Email: Harriett Green