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The South Carolina Arts Foundation

The Arts Growth Fund



1536 Great Reasons to Support the Arts!


Last year, the South Carolina Arts Foundation launched the Arts Growth Fund, a fund designed to help make sure that incredible arts opportunities are available in communities large and small across our state. "1536 Reasons" represents the number of schools, organizations and artists the South Carolina Arts Commission has supported during its long and successful history. Our goal is to make that list grow!


The Arts Growth Fund is about growing the arts in South Carolina so that our state benefits from more of the good things the arts bring -- more educational opportunities for our children, more economic growth and development, and more personal creativity and satisfaction.


For 45 years, the South Carolina Arts Commission has assisted arts groups, artists, schools and local organizations that bring the arts to every part of the state, making them accessible to all South Carolina citizens through consulting, training and statewide leadership for the arts community. This investment has increased arts opportunities, awareness and participation in communities large and small. You and your family have likely benefited from the programs and services the Arts Commission provides.


To continue this level of support for the arts for all South Carolina citizens, we need the dedication of people like you who understand the importance of the arts in their local communities and schools.


 Take a look at the 1536 Reasons to Support the Arts in South Carolina and you will probably see an artist or organization in your own community who has been aided by the South Carolina Arts Commission.


Making a gift

There are at least 1536 reasons to give! You may give outright or in honor of an individual, school, arts supporter or group.


Please join the cause and help ensure that the arts continue to thrive in South Carolina. Make your tax-deductible gift to the Arts Growth Fund today!


Online: use this button to make a secure credit card donation:



By mail: Complete this form and mail with your payment information.


Thank you!



For more information:


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