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Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Awards



Folk Heritage Award nominations are submitted online through Submittable. If you anticipate having difficulty submitting an online nomination, please contact Folklife & Traditional Arts Program Director Laura Green, 803.734.8764, lgreen@arts.sc.gov.


Before submitting a nomination, you are strongly advised to contact the Folklife & Traditional Arts Program Director to determine whether your nominee is eligible. We also recommend submitting a draft of your nomination for advance review and feedback, up to two weeks in advance of the deadline.


Deadline: Nominations for the 2019 awards must be submitted by November 8, 2018.






Please consider the following before submitting a nomination:

  • This award honors those who have spent a significant portion of their lives advocating for and/or creating traditional art forms significant to South Carolina
  • Artists must have learned the art informally and not through schools, classes, workshops, etc.
  • Nominees must be living at the time of their nomination.
  • Nominees must be practicing their art or advocating for a traditional art in the state of South Carolina.
  • Past Folk Heritage Award recipients are not eligible.
  • Nominees practicing remnants of the past that are no longer practiced in contemporary life will not be considered for this award.



Required Materials

1.  Nomination Form

This online form gathers basic information about your nomination, including contact information for the nominee and nominator, as well as the nomination category (Traditional Artist, Traditional Arts Organization or Advocate).



2.  Narrative

The narrative should make the case for the nominee's outstanding contributions to the traditional arts in South Carolina and how their work has enriched the lives of those in their community and across the state.


The narrative must be no more than two pages, with at least 12-point type and one-inch margins, and should include the following:


If nominating a traditional artist:

  • Explain how the artist learned the traditional art form. For example, did the nominee learn this tradition through apprenticeships or an informal learning process, rather than through formal education? Provide details.
  • How long has the nominee practiced this tradition?
  • Does the art form practiced by the nominee have a history in their community?
  • Describe the significance of the traditional artist or organization in maintaining the traditional art or moving it to higher levels of artistic achievement.
  • Do others who practice this art form recognize the nominee as a master of this tradition? Please explain.
  • In addition to these questions, answer the questions in the section below, For all nominees


If nominating a traditional arts advocate:

  • Has the nominee raised the level of awareness about a particular tradition? Explain how.
  • Describe the advocate's signifcance in supporting this South Carolina tradition and presenting it to a wide audience.
  • Is the nominee recognized for their support by members of the community in which the art is tradtionally practiced? Please share information about this community and the nominee’s relationship to it.
  • In addition to these questions, please answer the questions from the section below, For all nominees.


For all nominees:

  • Does the art form practiced or supported by the nominee have an historic connection to a South Carolina community? What is the significance of this tradition to the state’s cultural heritage?
  • What is the importance of the tradition to the community in which it is practiced?
  • Have others benefited in any way from the nominee’s skills or knowledge? Please provide details.



3.  Letters of Support

You may provide up to 10 current letters supporting the nomination. Letters should reinforce points in the narrative regarding the nominee's knowledge, contributions, achievements, influence and community involvement, and should provide specific examples whenever possible.


Use the Letter of Support Contact List to provide contact information for each person who has written a letter of support. Each uploaded letter must have a file name containing the letter writer's name. For example, the files names might be Jones_letter, Smith_letter, etc.



4.  Support Materials

Support materials should reinforce and expand on the information provided in the narrative and letters of support. A nominee cannot be evaluated without support materials. If you have questions concerning this requirement, please contact Laura Marcus Green, (803) 734-8764 well in advance of the deadline.


Support materials may include, but are not limited to:

  • Audio recordings - may be uploaded as files or included as a web link
  • Video recordings - may be uploaded as files or included as a web link
  • Publications such as newspaper or magazine articles
  • Photographs
  • Websites - you may copy and paste web links into a single document for submission; please include the required information for each item of support material, according to the instuctions in the online form.


Please note: Do not submit Facebook links, as not all panelists who will review this material may have access to Facebook.


Please provide no more than 10 pieces of support material. For example, one audio file, one video, one photogragh, one article or one website would each be considered different pieces of support material. "Audio file" refers to one track or song, not an entire CD.


You are encouraged to submit audio and/or video clips no longer than three minutes in length. If submitting longer work samples, please identify a brief excerpt that represents the nominee's best, most relevant work and indicate the excerpt location in the recording (i.e. 3:02 to 5:20, etc.)


Each uploaded item of support material must have a file name containing the nominee's name and a number corresponding with the Support Materials List in the nomination form. For example, the file names might be Smith_1, Jones_2, etc.


Please refer to the Support Materials portion in the online nomination form for details about the types of formats and the information required with your application.



How the Selection Process Works

For information on the selection process, please see the award legislation document.



Things to Consider When Preparing an Application

  • Be sure that you answer the questions asked in the narrative section (item #2)!  If the requested information is not provided, the advisory committee will not be able to review the nomination.
  • The advisory committee will review many nominations and may not have time to look at every piece of support material in its entirety. Please make sure that support materials are of high quality and brief, and that they convey their support of the nomination in a concise and effective way.
  • Nominations are valid for four years from the time of their original submission. Applications may be updated and edited before each new selection period, and support materials may be carried over from year to year. Although the nominations may be valid beyond their original submission, we ask that if you are interested in having your nomination considered beyond the year of its original submission, please contact Laura Marcus Green, South Carolina Folklife & Traditional Arts Program Director, (803-734-8764). This will ensure that your nomination is considered in subsequent selection processes.


How to Submit a Nomination


Nominations must be submitted online via Submittable by midnight (EST) on November 8, 2018. Once you begin your online nomination, you may save it and access it by logging in with your user name and password.


The online nomination is an easy process. Clicking the Submit Nomination button below will open the Submittable application where you will choose the 2019 Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Award Nomination Form, create a user name and password, enter the requested information and upload a narrative, letters of support and support materials.








All nominations must be submitted online via Submittable by midnight (EST) on November 8, 2018.

Award recipients will be announced in late spring.


Questions? Contact Laura Marcus Green, (803) 734-8764.


About the Folk Heritage Awards


For more information about the Folk Heritage Awards, please contact Laura Marcus Green (803-734-8764), South Carolina Folklife & Traditional Arts Program Director.