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Design Arts

Blueprint SC


In honor of the national 150th anniversary of the American Institute of Architects, the S.C. Design Arts Partnership collaborated with AIA South Carolina to conduct a statewide community design initiative. These efforts have been compiled into Blueprint SC: A Statewide Vision for South Carolina’s 21st Century Communities.


Blueprint SC identifies important goals, issues, and objectives that we need to work together on to improve the quality of our state's built (and natural) environment. Many of these ideas were focused on during the S.C. Community Design Summit in April 2007, when a group of 223 passionate civic officials, designers, Clemson University faculty & students, and more came together to discuss South Carolina's future.

Blueprint SC includes an overview of the TOP 5 Most Critical Design Issues Facing Our State, which are:


1. Design Education and Leadershipp Development

2. Safeguarding Environmental Quality

3. Responsible Growth and Curbing Sprawl

4. Eliminating Political Barriers to Good Design

5. Design of Streets, Roads, and Highways


Details on these critical issues, the BluePrint SC community objectives, highlights from the Summit, how you can get involved, and other information can be viewed on the BlueprintSC Web site.


For more information about Blueprint SC, please call (803) 734-8696 or visit the the BlueprintSC Web site.