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A Long Range Plan for the Arts in South Carolina,

Canvas of the People 2010


Thursday, March 11

Technical College of the Lowcountry, New River Campus


Here's what we heard at the Beaufort-area Canvas forum:


What is one thing that is working in the arts, either in your community, the state or elsewhere?


  • Successful commercial arts. Consider including commercial enterprises as partners: framing, galleries, other for profits
  • The way arts groups work with education system in S.C.
  • Leveraging Investments in Creativity (LINC) initiative – links to commercial sector (artist ventures)
  • Realtors making space available
  • Vibrant community includes producing and presenting groups
  • Funders interested in Lowcountry art
  • Good advocacy efforts/ network – Betty Plumb
  • Wide range of opportunities for citizens
  • The level of corporate and foundation support for arts education (statewide)
  • Recognizing folk/ traditional artists – Folk Heritage awards, community scholars, etc
  • General feeling – arts are important; tourism, awareness, character
  • Beaufort #12 arts destination – American Style Magazine
  • Art is being stolen!
  • Arts/culture driving economies – make communities desirable, driving tourism, making healthy communities, places to live, work, play
  • Definition of art is broadening – we explain it better, people value it more and understand that there are all kinds of ways to participate in the arts.
  • Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) – model of ART/ED in community
  • Cultural/ arts exchanges with other countries.


What is one of the biggest challenges facing the arts where you live?


  • Funding diminishing – SCAC, foundations, individual donors, A-tax, corporate giving
  • Sale of art is down
  • Providing art in a place/way that people like it and feel comfortable
  • Getting artists to participate in this public meeting process
  • Lack of venues/facilities – galleries, performance, etc. (in Jasper County)
  • Using school facilities effectively
  • Packaging arts experiences for visitors to be marketed with lodging partners
  • Getting accommodations tax (a-tax) used properly
  • Fair/educated committee distributing a-tax funds
  • Keeping a-tax focused on intended uses at state level
  • We react rather than envision
  • Keep momentum even in tough times – use opportunity to advance for policy
  • Building awareness/value of traditional art forms
  • Defining the arts/arts community and talking articulately about them
  • We don’t value individuals who are artists like we value others with more traditional educations. We’re not encouraging arts careers; artists are not valued as much as athletes
  • Brightest/best not going into the arts
  • Fully explaining/proving value of arts to elected officials
  • Arts organizations are city/government agencies – political agendas, no room for other ideas, state funding should go to independent agencies
  • Government organizations control facilities, access, etc.; compete with independent organizations. Some counties do not have independent arts councils; there is no room for other ideas because the arts entities are government entities with agendas and will do what’s best for politicians. Everything is filtered through the voting community
  • Urban has too much, rural too little
  • Need to communicate to patrons the importance of being advocates
  • No one speaks for arts community, fractured leadership (to legislature, arts community, public)
  • Keeping momentum of Arts in Education moving fund
  • Overcoming acceptance/tolerance issues – making better environment for artists/ creatives


What is a great opportunity for the arts in our state?


  • Overcoming negative image issues related to S.C. Perhaps the mayor of Charleston winning a national award will help.
  • In small rural communities “it's never been done before” – can only go up!
  • Culture/heritage has been preserved, particularly gullah, indigenous cultures
  • Technology = new connections possible; access to the world
  • Group state cultural agencies together – use arts as cultural attraction to tourists, save money, make more $ available (examples NC, WV)
  • Put artists to work (Americorps, WPA, etc.)
  • Help artists take advantage of opportunities
  • Lots of people with lots of money
  • Bill Gates is buying digital rights to great art. Be ready to tap into national models/digital world/ digital rights/arts ed. Programs in future.
  • Arts organizations look at business structures – look to entrepreneurship models
  • Create new models for funding – increasing SCAC operating support for small/mid size organizations
  • Communicate economic value of the arts
  • Corporations who give to the arts want a return on the dollar
  • Getting the message out (challenge) decline of traditional media
  • Embrace new media/social media/technology to over ride traditional media
  • Partnerships
  • Digital world makes national resources possible
  • Assessment/ review of prior plans


What did you like or not like about this forum?



  • Time limit
  • Relaxed, comfortable
  • Three questions; simple, inclusive



  • Need hand out on Ken’s info about the state survey
  • Rainy weather
  • No snacks
  • Did not include results of prior canvas
  • What are the needs?