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A Long Range Plan for the Arts in
South Carolina, 2001-2010

Vision for the Arts in South Carolina

"Lifted Dreams" Sherri Moore

Participants in the 2001 Canvas of the People were able to clearly articulate their own visions for the arts in our state. The points of view were wide-ranging, and reflected the diversity of the state's population, but the more people shared about their own personal visions for the future of the arts, the more focused the state's common vision became.

Parts of our common vision for the arts in South Carolina have been stated before, and likely will always be included in such statements about the future of the arts. South Carolinians envision a state where the arts are an integral part of daily living and learning for the youngest to the oldest citizens, and where the arts are a basic component of every child's education. South Carolinians look forward to a time when all residents value the entire range of cultural and artistic expression, including art forms beyond the formal artistic disciplines, and when citizens will support the arts by creating, purchasing, attending and encouraging art in all its forms.

South Carolina's vision for the arts includes a call to embrace and respect the artistic and cultural traditions of growing new populations, while honoring the diverse cultural heritage we all can claim as South Carolinians.

The state envisions a time when artists and organizations are no longer focused on survival and stability, but on increasing their capacity to successfully create more art and better serve their communities. The vision includes artists and organizations having the facilities they need to create and present their work to ever widening audiences. Art transcends boundaries, and the vision for the arts in South Carolina gives artists opportunities to extend their reach beyond the local or state level to national and international arenas.

South Carolina envisions a state where community leaders, in both private and public sectors, naturally include the arts in their decision-making, recognizing the arts' value in economic and civic development. Public policy will be influenced by the arts and the quality of life they add when fully embraced at all levels of the community. Businesses will find new ways to become involved in the arts, not only as financial supporters, but also as active promoters and providers of arts for their communities.

The vision for the arts in South Carolina is far-reaching, but not out of reach. By working together, as they have to create this long-range plan, citizens of the Palmetto State are well on their way to fulfilling their vision.

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A Long Range Plan for the Arts in South Carolina, 2001-2010

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The arts are helpful in
the recruiting of
desirable industry
for the city.

James Talley Mayor