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A Long Range Plan for the Arts in
South Carolina, 2001-2010

About The Long-Range Plan for the Arts

Discerning of Spirits (detail), by Elizabeth Keller

The Arts Commission compiled the massive amount of information collected from the Canvas of the People and used the information to do three things:

  • Assess needs identified by citizens
  • Identify common themes
  • Develop target objectives

The resulting new nine-year plan is a comprehensive one that includes Theme Areas - the priorities outlined by the plan; and objectives - ways of moving those priorities forward. The themes and objectives are deliberately broad - outlining general areas where the arts have real opportunities to make progress and improvements in the next decade. As circumstances, technologies and economies change - and they surely will - the broad nature of the themes gives those working in the arts a common point of reference as they set their own strategies for achieving progress. For its part, the Arts Commission will develop three-year plans that lay out its specific strategies for addressing the long-range themes and monitoring progress.

Because this is truly a long-range plan for the arts in South Carolina and not simply a plan for the South Carolina Arts Commission, the SCAC encourages others to use the information here to guide their efforts in helping to advance the arts in the Palmetto State. The Arts Commission invites these partners - federal, state, and local government agencies, artists, arts organizations, businesses, schools, and individuals - to join us to make the plan reality.

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A Long Range Plan for the Arts in South Carolina, 2001-2010

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The arts are helpfu
in the recruiting of
desirable industry
for the city

James Talley