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SC Arts Commission Grant Awards

Statewide Organizational Support Grant Awards



The purpose of operating support funding is to strengthen arts organizations that bring ongoing arts experiences and services to individuals, communities, and other organizations throughout the state by providing consistent, unrestricted support for basic operations.


All S.C. Arts Commission grant awards are contingent upon availability of funds, submission and approval of final reports, and compliance with program grant guidelines. Additional grants are awarded throughout the year.


Note to grantees: Notification of your award is provided through posting on this website, which you may consider official confirmation of your award until contract paperwork is issued.


FY2018 full-year grant awards have been finalized as of June 22, 2017. For questions about your award, please contact your coordinator.


Contracts are issued throughout the year, with paperwork for full-year grants (July 1 to June 30) generally mailed in fall of the award year. If you need an award letter before it arrives with your contract paperwork, please contact your coordinator.


Impact of Budget Vetoes on FY18 Operating Support Grants

In January 2018, the S.C. General Assembly voted successfully to override the governor’s vetoes of additional S.C. Arts Commission funding. This restored additional funding appropriated to the SCAC and allows for full grant award disbursement, listed below and in Operating Support Grant contracts.


FY2018 Operating Support Grant Awards to Statewide Organizations (SWO)

Grantee County Award
Arts Access South Carolina Richland $49,641
Humanities Council SC Richland $5,514
SC Academy of Authors Richland $1,535
SC Alliance for Arts Education Greenwood $2,622
SC Arts Alliance York $28,674
SC Dance Association Richland $2,622
SC Theatre Assocation York $2,940
SC Watermedia Society Dorchester $3,467
Total FY18 Statewide Organizations Operating Support Grants $97,016



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