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SC Arts Commission Grants Awards

Folklife and Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Initiatives Grant Awards

  1. To support Master Artists who seek to pass their artistic and cultural knowledge to qualified Apprentices
  2. To provide Apprentices with an opportunity to advance their cultural and artistic knowledge to a higher level so that they may continue to pursue the art form beyond the life of the apprenticeship
  3. To document the work and instruction of the Master Artist


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All S.C. Arts Commission grant awards are contingent upon availability of funds, submission and approval of final reports, and compliance with program grant guidelines. Additional grants are awarded throughout the year.


Note to grantees: Notification of your award is provided through posting on this website, which you may consider official confirmation of your award until contract paperwork is issued.


Contracts are issued throughout the year, with paperwork for full-year grants (July 1 to June 30) generally mailed in fall of the award year. If you need an award letter before it arrives with your contract paperwork, please contact your coordinator.



FY2017 Folklife & Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Grant Awards

Grantee Project County Award
Greiner^Faye Master Artist-Catawba Basketry York $2,000
Davis^Lena Master Artist-African American Shape Note Singing Anderson $2,000
Garris^Beckee Apprentice-Catawba Basketry Lancaster $500
Green^Shirley Aprentice-African American Shape Note Singing Anderson $500
Total Apprenticeships $5,000




  • Kern Michael Jackson - Director of African American Studies, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL
  • Julianne Carroll - Project Director, Georgia Traditional Arts Research Collection, Atlanta, GA
  • Deborah Boykin - Community Arts Program Manager and Folklorist, Alabama State Council on the Arts, Montgomery, AL




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