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SC Arts Commision Grants Awards

SC Arts Commission 2011 Prose Fellow

2011 Prose Fellow Ed MaddenEd Madden

Ed Madden is an associate professor of English at University of South Carolina, and directs USC's Women's and Gender Studies undergraduate program. Madden also serves as a poet-in-residence at the Richland Northeast High School's Palmetto Center for the Arts. With a doctorate in English from the University of Texas, he has published numerous books, poems, articles and essays.


Madden has received at least four fellowships, including a contemporary theatre fellowship to attend the IES Abroad Dublin and London Faculty Development Seminar in 2008. Madden has also been recognized with a range of awards, including the 2008 Mortarboard Senior Honor Society Excellence in Teaching Award. He was named a 2008 S.C. Fiction Project Winner, for short story Room 208, and won the 2007 South Carolina Poetry Book Prize, for Signals, from the South Carolina Poetry Initiative and USC Press.