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Resources for Artists

SCAC-Endorsed Entrepreneurial Training for Artists



BizBuilderSC courses are offered around the state. A schedule of those courses are available on the BizBuilderSC website. For more information about BizBuilderSC, please contact Mary Dickerson at 843-805-3089.


With BizBuilderSC, artists learn and interact with a group of aspiring artist and non-artist entrepreneurs who are trying to put their ideas into action. Participants also work with certified instructors who have start-up business experience and who understand the benefits and pitfalls of starting a new enterprise. The course outline includes:


  • Exploring entrepreneurship
  • Identifying and meeting market needs
  • Setting financial goals
  • Planning the product/service
  • Researching and analyzing the market
  • Reaching the market
  • Building the organization and team
  • Planning for a profitable business
  • Monitoring cash flow/seeking funds
  • Implementing next steps.