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Arts Access South Carolina (formerly VSA South Carolina)


Visit Arts Access South Carolina's website for more information about its activities and events.


Arts Access South Carolina (formerly VSA South Carolina) is a nonprofit organization that provides children, youth and adults with disabilities quality arts experiences.


Our mission

Arts Access South Carolina works to promote quality and accessible art experiences for people with all types of disabilities throughout the state of South Carolina.


The organization works with South Carolina artists, educators, arts administrators, and health, human and social service professionals to establish inclusive communities for people with disabilities by creating spaces and programs dedicated to the arts that are accessible and available to people with disabilities.


Examples include developing public school arts programs that are designed for students with disabilities, and working to ensure that societal attitudes and governmental regulations will not deter people with disabilities from pursuing the arts as a career or recreational pursuit.



Arts Access South Carolina is managed through state and national programming and funding partners.


Partners include:


The South Carolina Arts Commission provides operational support for Arts Access South Carolina with state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves GREAT ART!

Arts Access South Carolina


For more information, contact Arts Accessibility Coordinator and Arts Access South Carolina Executive Director Julia M. Brown at (803) 734-0445.