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Arts Access South Carolina

Programs and Services

Arts Access South Carolina offers general training programs and services related to the integration of arts and education for people with disabilities through four priority program areas: educational programs, professional development, cultural access and public awareness outreach.


Educational programs
Intensive training programs, as well as information and resources are provided to teachers, artists, parents and arts program staff for creating inclusive arts learning activities and programs for children with disabilities.


Professional development
One-on-one consultations on professional and career development are provided to adult artists with disabilities.


Cultural access
Grant funds are awarded for accessibility programs and access barrier issues.


Public awareness outreach

Arts Access South Carolina promotes public access to the arts in the general public and works to create and maintain funding and programming alliances.


Arts Access South Carolina


For more information, contact Arts Accessibility Coordinator and Arts Access South Carolina Executive Director Julia M. Brown at (803) 734-0445.