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SC Arts Commission 40th Anniversary

Tell Your Story!


Individuals have submitted stories based on their experiences. The Arts Commission has not verified all facts.



Jeannie Simpson

Greenville, S.C.


How The Arts Have Influenced My Life!

As a child growing up in the mid 1960s, I became very interested in art; as a matter of fact I loved to draw, paint, do anything that was creative. But my main art was literature. I loved to write, and even as a small child on up into my teenage years, I started drawing much more than I did when I was a child. But when I got older, I lost interest; but I started writing, writing, and writing. That was also my best subject in elementary on up into my years of college. My mother was a great influence on my life, she would always tell me that I was going to be a writer and that writing was my passion. For a while I had put it off because of personal situations, but later on in the early 1980s, I started writing again, and been writing every since then. Except a couple of years in the late 1990s, problems arose with my marriage and I could not concentrate anymore. But lo and behold, God brought me out of that dilemma and placed my feet on solid ground again, this time to stay. I don't have any work published, but do have the majority of my work published online. I have even started to draw and paint again!


But before all of this restoration and transformation of Greenville, S.C., begin to take place, I noticed that the city was increasing in art designs, art on the walls, creative lighting, art in the museum, library, and even art in schools begin to catch my eye. It gave me that spark that I needed to get back into writing and drawing. Over the years, I have written so many poems, short stories, lyrics, and am working on a novel about my personal life. As of now, I have one song produced by Paramount Group, a well-known music corporation. When I am walking through or along the Reedy River Falls Park in downtown Greenville, one cannot miss the giant waterfall that is inside of the Park of Reedy River, and under the bridge lighting that is along side of the walls that goes all the way to the Peace Center. I am in such awe of its beauty, designs, and quality. This interactive sculpture of an artist is divine, just divine; it is a peaceful and solemn atmosphere that sets the tone just right -- a place for thinking, resting and enjoyment. The stones, lighting, grass, water, glass, you name it; it's beautiful just being in the midst of it. The artist(s) really caught a vision of this. The Peace Center, Bi-Lo Center, Greenville Drive Stadium, just shows me that I should never give up on my dream, because there is art all around me when I am out and about. It makes me encourage myself to go forward and never to look back.



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