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SC Arts Commission 40th Anniversary

Tell Your Story!

Individuals have submitted stories based on their experiences. The Arts Commission has not verified all facts.


English Morris

Founder, Carolina Music Academy

Columbia, S.C.


The High Calling to Inspire and Encourage

Music teachers who teach private instrumental or vocal lessons are seed sowers. Their influence on the students they teach for weekly lessons is unknown for many years. Whether a student becomes a professional musician, plays or sings non-vocationally, develops a lifelong appreciation for music, or sees the value of music lessons for future family members, the training and impact of the private music teacher often bears fruit later. 


In addition to providing excellent music training, the private lesson teacher has the potential to impact students as a positive role model, to give a timely pat on the back, to provide an encouraging environment for music study, and to occasionally offer a listening ear to a student who perhaps comes to a lesson upset by the day's events at school or work.


With this in mind and in appreciation and recognition for the inspiration, encouragement, as well an excellent training I received from my own piano, organ, and conducting teachers, I founded the Carolina Music Academy in Columbia, S.C. in 1976. From modest beginnings as a one, then two-teacher operation, the academy has grown to a large and well-known comprehensive community music school with 14 faculty members.


As founder and president of the school, I personally select the teachers, who are not only performing artists in their own right, but also who possess the high calling to teach, inspire and encourage both the young and adult student. The academy's teachers share my vision to foster both high expectations for musical achievement as well as to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the development of musical talent, both great and small, within each student.



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