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SC Arts Commission 40th Anniversary

Forty Lists Project


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Your favorite example of public art in South Carolina

These ideas were submitted by fans. Don't see your favorite?

E-mail Milly Hough to add your suggestion to the list.



Accessibility 2006

"This international sculpture symposium produced 19 pieces of outdoor sculpture by eight artists representing eight countries."


Brookgreen Gardens

"Where else can you see so much sculpture by so many noted artists?"


Painted Horses

"As a horse owner and lover, I thoroughly enjoyed following the map around Aiken, locating the painted horses. Many depicted the history of the horse in S.C., and Aiken was a very fitting place for this exhibit."


Summerville's Public Sculpture Collection

"Beautiful artwork is accessible every day to the whole community. Children can learn that art is a hands-on activity."


Beaufort's Big Swim

"As Beaufort continues to excel at the level of arts and accessibility to the arts, Beaufort's Big Swim was an amazing example of how the arts can reach out into the community and deepen our understanding of beauty and appreciation. I love that they used a local artist to design the blank form and again sought out local artists to embellish and decorate the mermaids. They swam all over the county for over a year. They were loved and adored so much that a handful are still viewable today throughout the Historic District of Beaufort and beyond."


Blue Sky's Fire Hydrant and Tunnel Vision

"Blue Sky's sculpture Fire Hydrant and his mural Tunnel Vision lend humor and beauty to the Columbia landscape."


Palmetto tree with cannon ball holes

"It has such relevance to the state and its early history and to be placed at S.C. Dept. of Archives and History gives it added depth."


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For more information, contact Milly Hough, Communications Director (803-734-8698).