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SC Arts Commission 40th Anniversary

Forty Lists Project


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Your favorite song written or performed by a South Carolinian

These ideas were submitted by fans. Don't see your favorite? E-mail Milly Hough to add your suggestion to the list.



"Gethesemane" from "Jesus Christ Superstar" sung by Matt Quay as Jesus 2001 OPTP Production

"This is a very moving and difficult song to sing, and Matt Quay performed it with great emotion for the Orangeburg Part-Time Players' 2001 production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" at the BlueBird Theatre in Orangeburg."


"Little Pink Radio" by Sumter County native Hope Nunnery

"This is a new, extraordinary piece of work written and recorded by Hope Nunnery, performed on a CD which was just Grammy-nominated. It's in the country blues-folk-Americana idiom, unmistakenly Southern, with riveting and poignant lyrics."


"My Fair Old Lady" written by Mary Howfield

"Mary Howfield was born in 1928 and performed as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady in 1963 in Greenville, S.C. at the Little Theatre, as well as performed in many other leading and supporting roles in Greenville and Florence, S.C. Through her years she has written many poems and songs and recently a collection of parodies which she had copywritten in 2006 titled "My Fair Old Lady" which make light of aging and longevity and the challenges that come along with it. These parodies are absolutely hilarious! The amazing thing is that she not only wrote the lyrics and composed music to go along with these parodies, but also videotaped herself and created a series of digital videos which she has made available to select viewers on the internet. She is turning 80 this August. This is quite an amazing task to accomplish."


"Of Rivers Within" by Mark Kilstofte

"This work, written to celebrate the Greenville Chorale's 45th anniversary and its Director Bingham Vick's 25th season, proved an inspiration to performers and audience alike. The seven-movement oratorio, based on water imagery drawn from Isaiah, held listeners in rapt attention for over 40 minutes on October 22, 2005, and provided the Greenville community the opportunity to witness a host of its singers and instrumentalists join in a marvelous world premiere by an accomplished local composer."


"A Double Shot of my Baby's Love" by John McElrath and The Swingin' Medallions

"As a classical performer, I am struck by the longevity of this song, as well as by its charm as "beach music." As director of the Music Computer Lab at our local Lander College, John McElrath, whose band has played throughout the United States, Europe, and the Pacific Rim, always made his own sophisticated and very costly equipment available to our student performers. Members of his band worked alongside music theory students to make our music the best it could be. I can think of no other song which made the top 40 charts at a time when "beach music" was just getting revved up. I have professional admiration for this band, its members (who are fine young men). They have done and continue to do Greenwood County a great service by being extremely generous with their time and talents. I could not have produced evenings of computer-generated student compositions to standing room audiences without them. "A Double Shot of My Baby's Love" is as old as the South Carolina Arts Commission!!!"


"This is by John McElrath, and the Swingin' Medallions, a long-established beach music and pops band based in Greenwood. They have performed in Japan, Hawaii, Europe, yet are wonderful members of Greenwood's arts community. When the Music Computer Lab at Lander University was created, they assisted in production of Dr. Lenti's theory students compositions, by bringing in all of their electronic gear, including lighting, sound, and tech crew. They frequently donate performances for the Cancer Society, United Way causes, Hospice, as needed. John, the founder, makes sure all his band members further their education. Each of his sons, and most of their ensemble in the band have bachelor's degrees in music or music business from local universities. This song made the pop charts, and is a local favorite. I have taught many of the band members, and they are, to a man, thoughtful, courteous people, and welcome members to the musical life of our small town."


Andante 2007 and Symphony #4

"Because I like the sounds of these works. They are written by William Rowland of Greenville, S.C. The Andante 2007 is for strings and the symphony is for a large orchestra that includes organ."


"Carolina on My Mind" by Hank Martin

"It's a local boy makes good story!"


Chris Connor

"A young and brave and very talented musician from S.C. who in some ways may have given his life for his art. Chris died of cancer. Some may surmise that this is a hazard of workplaces which still allow smoking in enclosed spaces such as a musician would normally frequent."


Never Said It Was Easy

"This is a well- known song in the music community by singer/ songwriter Chris Conner, who just died in November from lung cancer at the age of 37."


David Daniels as Gluck's "Orfeo"

"It takes all kinds of music to define South Carolina culture, and David Daniels, of Spartanburg, represents one area way too much ignored -- at least in his home state. The countertenor of our day, he is the most recognized "star" of early opera that is making a profound comeback around the world -- in part because of his dedication and the pure beauty of his artistry. Redneck is fine, but there IS more to our culture and it's time we noticed!"


Drink Small

"Drink has been a wonderful blues singer for YEARS in this great state, and he has willingly given time to schools, univiersities, performance halls of all kinds to advance the education of the blues genre as a valuable part of our heritage. 'EVERYBODY's got the blues' ... Drink Small"


Glennis Redmond

"I saw her perform at one of the arts conferences and then took one of her workshops. Her work is beautiful, inspiring, and thought-provoking. Poetry isn't always a "first choice" of interest for me but she made me come away with a new love for it."


"Hold My Hand" by Hootie and the Blowfish

"Hootie has contributed so much to pop music and this is a great example."


"Besides the fact that Darius is a long-time friend (since 1988), I believe this song provides a late 20th century perspective on what an individual can do to change the world -- not much in the long run, but giving ourselves to the people we love can at least hold our small corner of the world together for us and for them. (I haven't written my dissertation on this topic yet but feel that the song is worthy of much praise!) And, of course, the positive impact of Hootie and the Blowfish on South Carolina cannot and should not be minimized by anyone!"


I Got Rhythm

"Gershwin tune arranged by Dick Goodwin and performed by the Sandlapper Singers of Columbia."


Jellyfish by Sol Driven Train (Joel Timmons)

"These boys exemplify the LowCountry and the song is about loving the ocean."


Jim LeBlanc (any song)

"Jim LeBlanc has been playing in the Columbia area for over 20 years. I remember seeing him first on stage at the MayFest celebrations in the 1980s. He plays acoustic guitar. Jim is not only a talented musician and writer but a fine, honest, "real" person. He is truly an artist and is a wonderful person, husband and father. Jim continues to entertain locally."


"Ordinary People" by Loretta Holloway


Santa Baby

"Eartha Mae Keith was from North. This was her 1953 Christmas song..love it & her."


Save The Last Dance For Me

"It is a very easy song to swing on."


"Such Great Heights" performed by Iron and Wine

"Iron and Wine is a musical act from Chapin, S.C. who are becoming prominent in the indie music scene. They performed on the Letterman Show in the fall of 2007."







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