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SC Arts Commission 40th Anniversary

Forty Lists Project


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Your favorite South Carolina film or media artist.

These artists were submitted by appreciative fans. Don't see your favorite? E-mail Milly Hough to add your suggestion to the list.


Click on the name to read comments submitted with the entries. (Not all entries included comments.)


Film or media artists by county


Charleston David Boatwright
  Peter Wentworth
Cherokee Andie McDowell
Greenville John Ferrer
  Stan Woodward
Pickens James H. Palmer Jr.
Richland Steve Daniels
  Kristin Davis
  Betsy Newman


David Boatwright

"Emir's Drugstore is a masterpiece."


Peter Wentworth

"Peter Wentworth has been a staunch advocate of the S.C. film industry for decades.  Both a writer and a producer, Wentworth’s many credits include an Academy Award nominated film, "Metropolitan," and numerous awards. Peter’s production company, Alagash, has co-produced several independent films. Peter is a teacher, a guide for young filmmakers, including his son, Hunter, and he acts as a judge at festivals.  Wentworth is co-creator of the Brian Greenbaum award that is given each year at the IFP Awards for Outstanding Below the Line Contribution to Independent Filmmaking."


Andie McDowell

"I first saw Andie McDowell in "Sex, Lies, and Videotape." It was my favorite film for years -- probably until "The Patriot" came along! I was delighted to learn that we are at Winthrop at the same time - although I am reasonably sure we never met."


John Ferrer

"John wrote and directed the feature film "Grownups." He also produced the film "Neutral." which is currently heading for a local festival. John has been writing and directing films since he was very young. He attended the Fine Arts Center in high school for filmmaking for two years. He is extremely creative and is an excellent writer."


Stan Woodward

"Stan's folklife documentaries have captured the essence of S.C. among practitioners of our folk heritage foodways and began a grassroots support for filmmaking by students and independent filmmakers dating back to the early 1970s, paving the way for many young filmmakers and establishing the Southern Circuit screenings to ensure their exposure as professional artists."


James H. Palmer Jr.

"He wrote, illustrated, and co-produced the popular SCETV documentary, "Chasing the Swamp Fox." This documentary appears frequently on ETV and is "streamed" into S.C. classrooms.  He was born and grew up in Clemson, SC in Pickens County and is currently working with an Atlanta company to develop 30-minute animated films for television."


Steve Daniels

"Steve Daniels has created numerous short films and worked on a variety of different projects. Though he's well known for his short horror film "The Gibbering Horror of Howard Ghormley," I think one of the most memorable was "Strings of Death," which incorporated puppets and puppeteers from the local puppet theatre. It was funny and smart. Of course, all of his films are funny and smart, including "The Stash" and "The Flying Squirrel." He reminds his audience that film making is an art, and he certainly makes the most of the Super 8 film he uses. He's one of Columbia's best kept secrets."


Betsy Newman

"Betsy Newman has produced numerous documentaries for SCETV. In addition, she also coordinated the production of the online Web site Artopia. She works with schools to raise their prowess in media arts."


40th Anniversary background

For more information, contact Milly Hough, Communications Director (803-734-8698).