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SC Arts Commission 40th Anniversary

Additional Ideas

  • Designate your event or program as a "40th anniversary" celebration by using the 40th anniversary logo on printed materials. Invite the Arts Commission's executive director, Susie Surkamer, or deputy director, Ken May, to speak briefly at your event. Contact Milly Hough if you plan to designate an event as a 40th anniversary celebration.
  • Participate in the Arts Commission's 40th anniversary events.
  • Include the 40th anniversary logo in press materials, event materials, and on your Web site
  • Include the logo in your newsletter or in other regular communications used to educate your constituents about the importance of public funding for the arts..
  • Include the 40th anniversary logo on postcards and brochures mailed to your patrons, and on playbills, programs, posters and banners displayed to promote your programs to audiences and visitors.
  • Use the logo as the visual link from your Web site to the Arts Commission's Web site.
  • Celebrate with your board of directors - have your board pass a resolution (Microsoft Word document) congratulating the Arts Commission.
  • Write an opinion piece or letter to the editor of your local newspaper on the value of public funding for the arts and the impact of Arts Commission support in your community
  • Write an article for a business or lifestyle magazine about the importance of Arts Commission funding to your community
  • Acknowledge Arts Commission support in press releases and other communications to the media.
  • Use the 40th anniversary edition of the Arts Commission's "boilerplate" (Microsoft Word document) in press releases and other promotions about your programs and events.

Contact Milly Hough to suggest other ideas for celebrating or if you need additional information. Please help us track 40th anniversary activities by sharing copies of any printed materials or links to Web pages where the 40th anniversary logo appears.

40th Anniversary background

For more information, contact Milly Hough, Communications Director (803-734-8698).